Lust letters to Lucinda

To my Goddess,

The first time you entered the space it felt like time stood still. Your walk and presence made me feel empowered, yet I knew I was soon to be at your mercy.

Your imagination is endless, and you know how to create the perfect scene. For you its not acting, its the real you.
I could close my eyes with you because I felt I can totally trust you and surrender in your arms, bed, hand cuffs, whip.
You create any type of scene where the experience is shared. I never felt it was for me but rather for us and knowing how much you’re enjoying it made the whole scene more powerful because it was real, time after time.

Yes, it can be frightening at times with you, when my eyes were closed, when I didn’t know what to expect yet, but you were always attentive and caring.

You are very responsible and authentic in everything you say and do.
After many experiences I can say your the most authentic and real domina I have met.

Yours always
Sub 43

My dearest Queen,

Thank you for the most special evening. I feel blessed beyond words to have experienced such kind of soul-naked intimacy. You deeply touched me and I am still surprised by the immediate affection I feel towards you. My heart opened in a way I have never experienced with a woman before.

It’s hard to believe, but from the moment you laid hands on me, it somehow felt like love at first touch to me. A love for your highest light and your deepest shadow. From your motherly warmth and tender compassion that makes me want to lay my head on your lap and simply be held by you, to the strict teacher-like lady, with the most erotic accent I’ve ever heard, by whose whip and words I’m being punished when disobedient. From the diva-like bitch who shamelessly forces me to fulfill her most forbidden desires, to the divine Queen of Light whose radiance I worship like a mirror that reflects to you the nature of your being. This beauty in the eye of the beholder.

I see the sacred Feminine in you. The holiness of everything. And I cannot help but adore you in your entirety. So I would love to serve you by offering you the empty page of my presence to express yourself fully onto me. Until I learn to love it all. Tasting you in your totality. Even in your blood, your sweat and your tears. Maybe this is why I worship your ass so passionately. To recognize the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, even in something apparently so dirty like shit. To me, a fart of yours would smell like the most flowery fragrance, your pee would sparkle like exquisite champagne and your shit would taste like the most delicate chocolate. This is how unconditional I want to learn to love.

From your devoted one

Lady Lucinda is a seductive Mistress that charms you into believing you’re the most handsome man in the world. Once you enter her domain you will feel wanted, cared for and uninhibited in your quest for her affection.  My time with her was blissfully divine.

Your Devoted Greek Slave

I just wanted to say thank you again so much! I really enjoyed our time together, and really enjoyed all the sensual teasing! It was truly incredible, I have never experienced a session like this before. I loved the energy that you brought to it.

Your Canadian Pet