The Playful Femme Fatale

“All you have to do is surrender to me, and I will take you by the collar and lead you to a place where time stands still and the outside world dissolves into nothing”.

An intoxicating blend of sensual dominance infused with a touch of sultry Burlesque Striptease and boundless creativity. In Lucinda’s presence, you will feel the drive and passion that stems from her celebration of power. Experience an adrenaline fueled session that will tantalize your senses, and leave you feeling blissfully immersed in the alluring dance of strength, passion, and divine feminine energy.




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Sessions & Desires

  • Role Play, Scenes
  • Boot Worship (over-knee, thigh-high)
  • CBT
  • Strap-on, Pegging, training
  • Feminisation – forced or voluntary, Sissy
  • Spitting
  • Face sitting. Breath control.
  • Orgasm control and denial
  • Tie & Tease with Seduction & Denial
  • Squirting
  • Face slapping
  • Humiliation. Objectification.
  • Golden Shower - Natur Sekt
  • Domination Dinner (in a restaurant)
  • Ritual (Satanic, Witch, Pagan)
  • Trampling
  • Corner Time & Discipline
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Correction
  • Cuckold - Forced Bi - with my own Dominant Bull
  • Exhibitionism and public shaming
  • Financial Servitude
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Slave Training
  • Smothering
  • Dog training. Pig training
  • Voyeurism
  • NT (nipple torture)
  • Fetish for outfit


Scat or Vomit
Adult Baby


Lux Studio Ringbahnstraße 64, 12099 Berlin
I will make the booking for our session in this location.

– I also do hotel sessions, but only with clients I know (if previously done one or two sessions with me).


My sessions are always tailored to the individual needs of my clients. In order for me to plan ahead please discuss any special requirements you need during the booking process. Especially if you have special toys, outfits or themes in mind.

My clients physical and mental well being is something I take very seriously. Before the session I make it a priority to talk about consent and boundaries from both sides (mine and yours). This way we have the frame work we need to make our time together an enjoyable experience for both of us.

I love to connect with my clients and develop a rapport and understanding over several sessions rather than just a one off visit, although I also understand that some clients just want to have a session to experience BDSM just once!

Polite, responsive and respectful are the star qualities I appriciate in a client. If you are rude, or address me in the wrong tone. Or just plain ignorant and not to mention unclean you’ll not last long!

Members of the Queer community are more than welcome. My sessions are a place where clients are free to explore all forms of their gender expression.

I also enjoy the power I feel when wearing my strapon and have my Sub waiting nervously with anticipation. Using something as feminine as a pair of High Heel shoes, Stockings and lace panties as a tool to apply pressure, control, gag and restrain. Training my Subs how to receive and love the sting of my whip, flogger or hand.

If you want to see me smile and the flames flickering in my eyes with excitment, then lets make a scene and explore the depth of pure escapisim we can create together. I have a vast range of incredible costumes for almost any theme you can think of.

I have spent many years studying and teaching sexual liberation through striptease and turning it into an art form where I am the artist and you, my darling, are the canvas. As a part of my sensual seduction, I like to dance and perform for you, but don’t be fooled, for I am not the object in this little game. Like a true Femme Fatale, you will be under my spell as I take my time to study you like a lioness watching her prey before she makes a kill. I will observe how your body moves under my softest touch. Listen to the sounds that escape your mouth when you are on the receiving end of my firm hand. I will scan my eyes over every inch of your body, feel your energy, and then before I make my move I will look deeply into your eyes to get a glimpse of who you really are, and what you really want.

I have my own Dominant bull that can be included into our session. I can make you play with him in a Forced Bi scene or you will be forced to just watch us in a Cuckold scene. The terms of this play will be discussed in detail before the session.

You will be required to pay for myself and my Bull. These fees will be discussed when you make the booking inquiry.

I prefer to speak English during my sessions. But I understand a lot of German. If it is more comfortable for you to speak German during the session you are welcome to do so.

It is also possible to write to me in German, if English is not possible.

I prefer to feel completely prepared for every client who comes to serve me. So a minimum of 24 hours notice is preferred.

Present me with a gift and watch me purr with pleasure.

Lipstick Brand: Mac. Colour: Ruby Woo

Perfume Brand: Dolce & Gabbana. Name: The One

Hotel: Provocateur Berlin. Room: Terrace Suite

Resturant: Austernbank. Location: Behrenstraße 42, 10117 Berlin

High Heels or Boots: Pleaser. Size: 41

Spa Voucher: Vabali. Location: Seydlitzstraße 6, 10557 Berlin

Shop Voucher: Peter Domenie. Location: Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 18

I love to do sessions with first timers! I understand that your very first session with a Professional Dominatrix will be intimidating and thrilling at the same time.

My aim is not only to introduce you to the world of Domination gently, but also to give you a memorable and enjoyable first session. I hope that afterwards, you can’t wait to experience a session again.

Consent is a fundamental part of every session. Which means I will always respect your boundaries and taboos and there will never be any unwated surprises (for you or me) that haven’t been agreed on prior to the session.


The more respect you show me during our communication the more effort I will put into our session.

You can email or send me a message me on WhatsApp, Telegram.
NO PHONE CALLS – messages only!
You are welcome to write in German if it is easier for you.

Include your name, preferred date/time for our session, and a brief description of your fantasies and desires.

After we have made contact I will send you my price list and a questionnaire to fill out about your boundaries, physical health, and wishes.  With this information I will be able to tailor our session to your particular needs as well as my own.